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We have a large range of cleaning services available for both commercial and residential requirements.


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No matter how big or small your cleaning needs are Bhengu Cleaning service will provide you with an affordable domestic worker to suit your needs. Our regular cleaning includes a range of domestic duties like general house cleaning, vacuum, dusting or polishing, cleaning the toilet and kitchen. These services can be tailored to meet the customers need and household.

Corporate cleaning

Bhengu cleaning service offers contracts for small offices, head offices, multi-site buildings, and other spaces. We also clean industrial sites and co-operate cleaning including sweeping, mopping, collection of trash, toilets, walls, and cleaning of office desks. It can be done once off, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or annually.

Pre/ Post Occupational cleaning

  • Pre or post-occupational cleaning is done when moving out of your old residence or before moving into your new residence.
  • A pre/ post occupational cleaning is washing of all windows, and walls, cleaning of light fixtures and ceiling fans, and deep cleaning and disinfecting all bathrooms and kitchen.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning

  • We help to get your apartment ready for a new tenant.
  • End of tenancy cleaning includes washing of all walls, bathroom, kitchen and ovens, windows, and ceiling fans.

Events cleaning

When you book Bhengu cleaning services for your event you can rest assured that you are hiring a very professional and reputable event cleaning company. Our personalisation and high end quality service is second to none. Our staff conduct themselves professionally at all times and will be in proper uniform. Our post event cleaning is usually done by teams to ensure high quality great time management. No matter the occasion, the premise is guaranteed to be left spotless and glimmering. We also provide cleaning service during the event as our cleaners have been trained to work alongside guests without interfering in anyway. They have been vetted, fully trained and are guaranteed to meet your expectations.

Pre-event cleaning

  • Includes a thorough cleaning before the event commences this may include carpets, floors, and bathroom deep cleaning and sanitizing.


During event cleaning

  • Cleaning to ensure the event goes smoothly maintaining clean bathrooms including supplies, picking up litter, and taking care of any spills.


After event cleaning

  • Thorough cleaning to ensure the venue is left in its original state. Bhengu cleaning can assist with any stage of the cleaning process.

Window Cleaning

We provide professional and thorough window cleaning services for both residential and commercial requirements.

Residential Window Cleaning

We make use of deionized water to ensure the best results each time we clean windows at your home. We ensure to leave windows sparkling.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Our cleaning methods can help us clean high rise windows. We do both internal and external windows. We use effective methods that ensure less disruption to your business operations.

General Services

Solar Panel Cleaning

We also offer solar panel cleaning service to ensure the panels are always working efficiently at all times.

Pressure Cleaning

We do high-pressure cleaning of roofs, paving, and industrial pressure cleaning.

Carpet & Polyester

Commercial & Residential

Grass Cutting

Commercial & Residential